Lights On!

The first thing God created when He made the heaven and earth was LIGHT!
Are you experiencing darkness or confusion in a defining moment of your life? Are you confused? Share your questions with me. We will partner with the Creator of light, the Light Himself, to guide you on the right path.

Areas of focus include:

When the light is on, you have JOY, HOPE, CLARITY, PROGRESS, PEACE, REVELATION, SOLUTIONS… The list is endless.

What’s your question?
Let’s turn the LIGHTS on!

Here, my goal is to turn the lights on your confusion, to lead you out of the dark.
Let there be LIGHTS- Genesis 1:3

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HMM is not a licensed professional counselor, our advice is strictly based on God’s word, God’s divine guidance and our 20 years of experience.
All issues are kept private and emails won’t be shared.
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