Abimbola Adeoti (Tola)

Abimbola Adeoti, popularly known as Tola, is a very passionate role model that believes everyone can get better in their personal, spiritual, academic, career, marital and social lives. She sees the good in everyone regardless of their flaws, past experiences, challenges and limitations.
One of her favorite quotes is that, “Your desire to be different and exceptional sets the platform for your excellence”

Her drive and passion for excellence has propelled her to design various forms of mentoring programs that is specially tailored towards each individual. This initiative has been a powerful tool in getting people from where they are to where they ought to be.

She started preaching the gospel at age 12. She has served the body of Christ in various capacities for over 20 years ministering to teens, young adults and adults. She has served as the head of various departments at RCCG Mount Zion Parish such as the Protocol, Member care, Sunday school, teen church. She currently serves as the church services program’s director and young adult coordinator. Her dedication has made her function and excelled in various capacities, such has; a Mentor, Teacher, Minister, Counselor, etc.

Having several professional years below her belt as a manager, her taste for excellence is second to none and she goes about all her business settling for nothing less than the best. She believes mediocrity is a sin and it is unacceptable by God. It is on this foundation that all her principles are built.

Tola is an author and an anointed woman of God.


Tola, as popularly known, is an adaptive teacher that thrives in all denomination, age brackets and situations. She is motivated my instilling values into anyone that desires it. Her knowledge spans across several areas of interests, which include but are not limited to: Spiritual development, time management, goal setting, personal development and growth, healthy lifestyle, child management, dating, etc


Mentoring is one of her greatest strength. As a fact, she believes that if everyone will get a mentor, they can be better than they are now. She is a mentor to several teens, young adults, youth, single mothers and couples, etc.

“Your decision to stand out and be different sets the platform for your excellence.“
Tola A.