When The Lord Teaches


Problems in life are inevitable but how do we rise above them, or do we just suffer in silence?
Do you find yourself overwhelmed with life and despite all your efforts, you feel stuck and nothing seems to work? Or are you at the verge of giving up? Hold on…

“When the Lord teaches” provides you with practical, tested and proven solutions to whatever challenges you might be experiencing. This book reveals the principles of applying God’s teachings to find your way out of your struggles. Leaving no details untouched, He will teach you how to cope with any issue, and walk you through every hurdle you will face in life. Whether you are married or not, or a minister of God, a businessman, whatever you are, after you read this book, you will experience liberation and initiate a path to change. You are guaranteed positive results if you practice everything written in this book with diligence and discipline.

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